comic strip feature, 2009-2014
created, written & drawn by C.Edwards

Because their building only allows residents under four-inches, Ken & Leo must hide their oversized new roommate from nosy landlords and horny neighbors or face eviction.


It was originally featured on the sketchblog Meatcute, and is currently in reruns on tumblr. Attack of the 12-Inch Roommate, a collected work - successfully crowdfunded by readers - was published in early 2014.

The cast includes bossy bottom Leo, thirsty twunk Kenny, and Matt, whose insatiable sexual appetite and hair trigger erections keep the entire household on the brink of eviction as the building's “gherkin policy” prohibits anyone physically endowed over 4 inches.


12-Inch Roommate has been featured on Gayletter and named one of the Top 7 Toon Pornos Every Nerd Should Know on Fleshbot.com in 2013.



I always thought of 12-Inch Roommate as an improvisational exercise - in that it was intentionally succinct and quickly drawn. I gave myself a bubble limit per strip and permission to be as fetishistic and pornographic as I wanted - also, the images were generally drawn with no script in mind. I then sold it as "a retelling of the cult German serial Sein Uber Biggen Schwanz" to add an air of sophistication.

I consider 12-Inch Roommate a "mini-webcomic" and a comedy of errors - in every sense of the term.


Series 1 - 2009
Between role play, workouts and surprise visits from their landlord Mr. Fropley, Leo and Ken can barely stay on top of anything, except their new roommate, Matt.

Series 2 - 2010
Things gets harder for Ken and Leo when Ms. Twubble begins snooping around their apartment complex while Matt's thing is hard for them.

Series 3 - 2012
The terrifying new landlady and her daughter have mysterious plans of their own that threaten the rough trade-y co-habitation of our oversexed roommates.

Series 4 - 2013
Whether it be from Matt's squad of jock bros or Leo's hands-on boss, the guys are getting fucked in every single direction in the final series of 12-Inch Roommate.