Playlist 06 - "Violet"

1. Violet, Hole
2. Bad Romance, Lady GaGa
3. Slow, Kylie Minogue
4. I Don't Give a Fuck, Peaches
5. Walking in the Rain, Grace Jones

Playlist 06

Track 1
I am meeting Zach downtown for Sisters Follies: Between Two Worlds at the Abrons Art Center, I am walking, drinking a beer out of a paper coffee cup and appropriately listening to Sandra Bernhard's version of Is that all there is? The crowd is full of downtown mainstays like Taylor Mac, Tigger! and Mike Albo. As well as Amanda LePore and Edie Windsor. "Oh look, it's the old crowd," starts Zach, "Only now they're old." We watch a small caravan of 80's club kids in electric wheelchairs cruise down the aisle and take their places in the front. "My lips are so dry," I tangent. 

Track 2
The next morning, I'm too busy standing naked in front of the mirror analyzing my foreskin to notice that my internet is down. Even though I am cut I feel like I am not cut enough. I slowly inch the loose skin up from the base and wonder if I can make the edit permanent through non-surgical methods. "Just a stitch or two."

Track 3
The new receptionist at my office does not know how to make coffee, it is really weak and the pot always overflows. It's never overflowed before. She also does not know what "skim" milk is and says "Left side please" instead of "Pull the Left Handle" when guests do not properly ring the buzzer for entry into the building. "PULL the LEFT HANdle" is clearer than "Left side please" when saying it through a scratchy outdoor speaker.

Track 4
Because of the internet outage I spend extra hours at work, when I do leave, I waste time by going to New York Beer Company. Two bros sit down next to me. I slowly begin to realize that they are talking about Aquaman. I go home and fall asleep.

Track 5
I wake up at 6 am and draw comics until a quarter to eleven at night. Stopping only periodically to eat, stretch my legs and have a meeting about the webseries my friend and I are planning. I've been slacking a little on comics this week and am so happy to crank out so much in one day. I upload my works-in-progress on Patreon and discover that I've lost followers.