Playlist 02 - "40 Oz on Repeat"

1. 40 oz on Repeat - Fidlar
2. Fire with Fire - Scissor Sisters
3. High Times - Jamiroquai
4. LoveGame (Robots to Mars Remix) - Lady GaGa
5. Better Git It in Your Soul - Charles Mingus

Playlist 02

Track 1
My weekend started around 11:30 AM on Sunday, up until then I had virtually no progress on my goals for the last four or five days. It was around this time that I decided to go to the Tom of Finland exhibit at The Artist's Space. Where I took my time inspecting the originals on display. "Seeing the originals is so great bc u see that the artist is mortal." I texted my friend Zach along with a picture focusing on the hand done cross hatching.

No response.

At the gallery's bookstore nearby they had an entire room of Tom's reference collection. Pages and pages of magazine clippings of men's faces and bodies. "This is heaven." I texted Zach.

No response.

Track 2
The next day while walking to work, open loops flow through my head. Should I check my email right now?/Did I schedule that dinner?/Did that intern candidate respond to me? When it comes to workload at my job, expectations are high and they are only pushed higher by my over developed sense of responsibility. It would be very easy for me to excuse the quantity of tasks pushed in my direction for things slipping through the cracks, however I know that I've dealt with a lot more and come out fine. So I schedule a private work session for myself, where I can lock myself in a room and work uninterrupted for one hour. I decide to make this a regular thing.

I see the designers gathered around some design work but do not recognize the project. Turns out they've finally begun doing actual design work on a job they started researching mood on two months ago. I go home. Check my boss into a flight to Puerto Rico and fall asleep.

Track 3
A few hours later, I wake up on top of my sheets and start working on a animated character in Flash only to ask myself an hour later, Why I am doing this? There are other projects that are far more pressing. Ones designed to produce actual results.

Track 4
That night, I'm making bratwurst in a downtown butcher shop. It is part of an outing I scheduled for the summer intern program that I supervise at work. A hands-on sausage making class hosting by one of our clients. On the subway ride home, as usual, I contemplate my lack of productivity and how hard it is to get out of this hole. Inspired by the events of the week, I decide to start putting in the work myself with a series of daily rules. I come up with 10 immediately, but I decide to start with five:

1) Draw comics - 10 hrs/week
2) Exercise every day
3) Stick to a routine
4) Write 1 hr day
5) Pay bills/debts on time

Track 5
Sunday morning I awake to a slightly messy apartment, no food in the fridge and a desire to just sit around in my pajama bottoms and watch reruns of Project Runway, but instead I choose to open the shades and get to work...