Playlist 03 - "Poor Unfortunate Souls"

1. Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid '07 B'way Cast Recording
2. Pretty Lady - Pacific Overtures '04 The New B'way Cast Recording
3. Drip Drop - Empire Soundtrack
4. Let the Groove Get In - Justin Timberlake
5. The Healer - Erykah Badu

Playlist 03

It's morning and I am washing dishes, I realize I have no plan for the day so I decide to fix it. I write for an hour and before hopping into the shower, I hit shuffle in iTunes on my iPad and Poor Unfortunate Souls from the 2007 Broadway cast recording of The Little Mermaid comes up.  An hour later, as part of my new daily routine plan, I am adding Studio Museum Harlem's free day to my calendar. Should i just go to every free museum day in the city? I ask myself.

I figure out which of my bills I should put onto my AMEX, and get ready for the gym, Whats the plan? I need a plan. I keep going without a plan.

While passing Port Authority, my thoughts about how disgusting Penn Station is is interrupted when this hot Latin pocket straight passes me by, he's with his friends but he is hands down the cutest. I pass a pack of young bums chilling out on one of those little metal fences they put around trees in the city. A guy with vitiligo limps by with a cane.

I decide to do all pulling muscles, when I leave my triceps feel heavy. I eschew wearing something to cover up my gym clothes on the way home, reminding myself looking fat in my gym clothes now will make it all the more satisfying if I start seeing results. As i walk to my office I pass gay couples with nice bodies. There are so many over here on the Westside, near the river during summer.

In the crosswalk outside my office, a bus with a Ray Donovan ad crosses my path, I focus on the slogan, "Hire Power" and can't help but think it should belong to a Human Resources reality show or something. I'm going through my emails; schedule requests for the creative directors and removing old email folders.  It's a rather ineffective day, working hard not to take on everyone else's crazy energy.

"What ever happened to Lilias White?" I ask Angie over a burger.

I get home around 7:30 and start drawing, sketching a caterpillar character for an Abel Boddy fantasy sequence. I fall asleep early.