Playlist 04 - "The Story of Lucy and Jessie"

1. The Story of Lucy & Jessie - Follies 2011
2. Cheerleader, Grizzly Bear
3. Children's Story, Slick Rick
4. When Heroes Change Professions, Gentleman Reg
5. Elastic heart, Sia

Playlist 04

Track 1 -
It's morning and I'm researching how to properly cut the sleeves off of t-shirt. I find a video on Youtube and lay out a freebie that I don't care about destroying but think it would look good with the proper "slut cut".  I watch the video and cut each sleeve a different way. They both look terrible and I throw it in the garbage, opting to squander the next few hours with refiling my reference material and watching Escape to Witch Mountain on Netflix.

I don't think I am alone in the fact that I have always dreamed of being someone else, y'know, like the way little kids want to be Superman or Wonder Woman. I think about this a lot while simultaneously watching Witch Mountain and moving endless images of well built models and narcissistic meatheads in tight workout clothes into different folders. The kids in the movie, Tony and Tia are psychic orphans on a voyage of self discovery, Tia is also a telepath and Tony is a precognitive and I was always drawn to how each of the kids have their own personalized versions of telekinesis. Tia's abilities were more traditional while Tony had to channel his powers through his harmonica - which he played expertly. Even as an adult, it is impossible for me to not imagine myself and my sister in these roles.

Track 2 - 
I'm walking into work whistling the "Reading Rainbow" theme song and I think to myself, "Should I cross the street to get a better look at that guy?" He is a fit young Asian guy in a black tee and backpack, sipping from his Starbucks drink through a straw. I stop and take an assessment of my thirstiness and decide against it. The day at work rockets by, an All-Agency meeting announcing the launch of a new food delivery app for stoners, the planning of a going-away party that everyone has opinions about but no one wants to make decisions, a late lunch at the local deli buffet.

Track 3 - 
I spend an hour setting up a call that everyone is late for and then rescheduled without saying anything to me. "Hey, its not my time." I try to tell myself as I disconnect. A similar thought pops into my head when I'm standing by meeting my boss is in, and I desperately need to pee. I realize that I've gotten to a point where urinating comes fourth on my list of priorities during the work day.

The highlight of the day is an all-agency email about lockers that I have carefully crafted using infomercial GIFS. The more I watch it, the more it cracks me up, I really cannot get enough of it. It is the highlight of my day. I round out my day looking through the responses to a casting posting I put up on

Track 4 -
"You're not a nice person" Angie texts me. This is her reply when I tell her I was called a harsh critic in the office. "I just wanted ppl to do their best" I respond. "But some people won't ever do the best you see for them". I vow to be "less judgmental at work", to which she replies, "Lol. Let me know how that goes." Soon after, alight with forced positivity and the open heart of changed man, I step on the C train and immediately hear two women laughing hysterically with each other. "Ugh. Seriously??" My mood is ruined.

Track 5 -
It is 6:30 the next morning and I've been working on my script since 3:45. I am not successful in sticking to the routine I set up for myself. So I try to make a plan. Elastic Heart comes up on shuffle. I hit "repeat song" and just let it play. I decide to go into work even though the office is closed. It plays all morning and during my commute to the subway. On the platform, I let it play one more time, as the C Train arrives, my music automatically shuffles to...