Playlist 07 - "Murder"

1. Murder, Justin Timberlake
2. I Want the Good Times Back, The Little Mermaid Bway '07
3. Plastic Beach, Gorillaz
4. Picture of my Life, Jamiroquai
5. Coconuts, Junior Senior

Playlist 07

Track 01
New Years Day was all about coffee, yoga and Orphan Black. Not that I actually did yoga, but I did walk over to a yoga studio in my neighborhood to pick up a schedule. That's probably worth one downward dog, right? When I lived in Brooklyn, I used to do vinyasa in Tribeca on a weekly basis and considering my back has been fucked up for like, a month. All I think about is how much I need to stretch.

Track 02
I made some coffee and watched scenes with OB's Krystal Goderitch over and over. Sometimes you just need that. I head to work, eat a bagel, research passport renewal for my boss. One of the new hires in my office is named Elsa. Every time I see her, Do you want a build a Snowman? starts playing in my head.

Track 03
I didn't sleep well, which means I woke up incredibly late and didn't have time to write. And along with my back, my foot hurts as well; the result of a botched self-pedicure. My boss leaves for a photo shoot, and I end up working until 9pm. I don't usually make resolutions, but I decided that I would set some better boundaries.

Track 04
More of a rule than a resolution, I've decided that I should no longer jump on my computer before I go through my morning routine. Piddling around on Facebook or reorganizing my reference files is killing my productivity in the morning.

Track 05
The next morning, I force myself to go through the proper motions and as a result everything was on schedule. I ate breakfast, got in an hour of writing and cleaned the apartment. And worked on Abel Boddy for a few hours for the first time in longer than I want to admit.