Princesses of Power


I've been watching a lot of She-Ra: Princess of Power lately.  I'm delightfully perplexed by the pastel covered planet Etheria which is ruled by these kingdom-less Princesses. The population of Etheria appears to be equal parts diminutive cutesy creatures (Tribbets, Bibbets, Squidgetts, etc) and rural peasants. Which would make these leggy, ridiculously voiced Princesses of Power the 1%!! 

After slogging through about 30 episodes (which hasn't always been easy) I have a few thoughts.

1) Adora is a big old lesbian. This comes across because they are doing their best to de-sexualize her, and because women can't be more than two things what's left is a rather detached and a little butchy. The immediate thought is that she and Bow would be an item however, while he will on occasion express affection for She-Ra, he seems more often attached to Princess Glimmer. Also, there's an early episode where Princess Frosta was seen leaving Adora's tent-house very early in the morning. We know what that means...

2) The Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power worlds are of fallen technological cultures. However, these are worlds without watches or telephones. If Hordak really wanted to rule Etheria, he should sell some of this technology to regular people. He would probably do a lot better at taking over the world by selling modern conveniences to the endless stream of townsfolk he's trying to subdue. He already has the market cornered on military robots, he could just reprogram some of these to farm and make a mint putting Etherian farmers into a never ending cycle of debt and jumpstart capitalism on this effing planet.

3) Whispering Wood is being occupied by the Rebels. It seems like every time She-Ra and The Rebellion go to another village, there are humanoid, oddly dressed peasants and munchkin-like cutesy characters seemingly co-existing. When I see the latter, I immediately think that these tiny plush toys are the Native people of Etheria, who have been dealing with slavery and genocide for generations. The primary little people, The Twiggetts who live in Whispering Wood clearly have no control over the Rebels having their base there. And while they are smiling and happy, there are like, 5 of them, so they are probably facing extinction.

4) A whole planet of powerful women and there's one black girl? Netossa is the only POC on all of the Etheria, (which I think is twice as many as MOTU) with her vague African accent, she makes two appearances during the entire series run. She is introduced in s2/e13 with her gal pal Spinnerella, while the two are on vacation looking for a place to dance, The Horde target Spinnerella for her spinning abilities, but for some reason don't seem to care about Netossa's net throwing skills.... yes, that's her "power", throwing a net. Which she never mentions or does in the episode.