Playlist 09 - Billionaire


1. Billionaire - Travie McCoy
2. Who's That Woman? - Follies
3. Baptize Me - Book of Mormon
4. She Walks on Me - Hole
5. You Give Me Something - Jamiroquai

Playlist 9

Track 1
It's 8:04 and I'm on the A Train, almost at my stop. A man coughs behind me and I have forgotten whatever it was I was just thinking about. An hour later, I'm at work thumbing through emails, updating a spreadsheet with summer intern candidates, chatting with my boss. I feeling of easiness washes over me which makes me feel uneasy. Yesterday, everything quietly got on my nerves, from the receptionist being late, to someone messing up a lunch reservation I had made, to my boss ordering his own lunch and then the day ended with Zach and I getting the start time of a Broadway musical incorrect and showing up at intermission. On the way back uptown his tone is flippant and mocking. This bothers me for the rest of the night.

Track 2
I'm on the phone making a car reservation, the dispatch woman is fast talking and efficient, the kind of mundane character in movie that would say something profound to the self-centered protagonist. I want to ask her opinion of what I should be doing with my life. I imagine her words.

Track 3
I buy a ticket for the show I missed the night before. Grab some Chick Fil-A at the new place in Midtown and wander over to pick up my tickets. I eye a blonde WASPy gay at the theatre, complete with a sweater draped over his shoulders. He's companion is Asian, almost a full head shorter and wearing a spearmint colored cable knit. 

Track 4
The next morning I stumble around in a weird, unmotivated fashion. I poke around my reference file, then on Tumblr and then I masturbate. I do my stretches and then go into the bathroom and pour my coffee into the bathroom sink. My phone rings, which terrifies me. The idea of answering a phone fills me with dread now. "What's wrong?" "Who got hurt?" "What bill did I forget?" "Am I in trouble??"

Track 5
One the way in to work, I notice two Latin teens chatting closely, their body language says friends and smiles and demeanor say gay boys. At work they're researching memorable TV parents, the email chain is endless and sent to the entire company despite the fact that the original sender made it clear that they intended otherwise. I learn how to mute conversations in my email and I feel like my life is literally changed.