"What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?"


Once upon a time, several years ago, I sat in my Nutritional Therapist's office complaining about my general disappointment in my eating habits because they were never what I wanted them to be. She, having heard this from me many times, simply asked me : "What does your ideal day look like?"

The question, as simple as it is, left me flummoxed. I had never actually considered it, what my ideal day looks like. Since then, I've spend a great many moment trying to figure this out for myself, not because I believe that I can actually achieve my perfect day, but because it might help me feel a little less bad about my actions when things begin to fall apart - or even better, show me when my goals are unrealistic.

Fast forward to current day, where I, right now, in the middle of my current "I wanna be productive but not following through on my productivity" period, put together two charts for goal and productivity tracking. And upon reviewing the results in preparation for doing it again next week, I'm not too surprised by the results.

When it comes to writing and drawing, it was no trouble reaching my goals of hours per week, however, much of that time went towards drawing towards no result - which is fine. But the real goal is picking up enough momentum to move a project towards completion.

Something as simple as checking my bank balances everyday to paying closer attention to my money required very little motivation at all, while spending time familiarizing my self with new software or going to the gym on a regular basis fizzled out pretty quickly by mid-week.

So, having about 10hrs left in the week to get some more traction, I decide how that time should be spent and then ask myself the "whys" behind my choices in hopes to have a better result next week.

To be continued...