The Sophomore Slump


In my personal experience, what tends to follow a productive week, is an unproductive one. And not one of lackadaisical doodling and procrastinating by cleaning the bathtub - I'm talking pure unadulterated, guilt ridden laziness. Like, not picking up a pencil, not making my bed, taking three naps in a day laziness.

I didn't need my new productivity charts to show me how much of my time was slanted towards one project or another, because I did absolutely nothing. This is something I have found that some people find acceptable. "You deserve it", "You need to recharge". But I know deep in my soul, it's my biggest weakness. The hurdle that keeps me away from the much desired momentum that can carry my work to the finish line.

Was I too social this week? Did I let financial or nutritional woes drag my enthusiasm down? These are the questions I'm asking myself as I pull out the charts for the upcoming week. I did do two things this week, that could be thought of as positive, but really are not - proof reading a recent script before sending it off to a friend to read and pinning up a bunch of old storyboard doodles as a means to decide what to do with them.

The script proofreading was good because, well, I needed to proofread that script. But it became a daily cycle of proofing - printing - binding - repeat every day of the week. And just when I told myself I could put it down and take a break. I started working on it again. And the storyboards... I'm not sure what my intention was there? I suppose I was telling myself I would build upon them with some second and third passes, but... I have other storyboards to tackle that I have not even touched.

So, why?