The Law of Diminishing Returns


I wake up groggier than usual. Take a shit. Drink coffee at my computer. I pull myself away from hot guy GIFs on Tumblr to do something else – ANYTHING else. What follows is 30-minutes of work, sorting some photos on my hard drive, cleaning my stovetop, the tub train - anything to avoid the pain in my back. I haven’t exercised in weeks so it’s feeling really stiff.

My bike ride to work is uneventful. I try to remind myself to not be too aggressive for no reason. Sometimes the feeling of moving fast and cruising on rails comes at the expense of being respectful to others. Since getting into a minor accident with a car a month ago, I always wear my helmet when I’m on the road – but on the bike path on a sunny day… I give myself a pass.

Lately, my days feel crowded and inefficient, so I sit outside on the bench in front of the building and organize my task list. With each addition or edit, I feel like I’ve achieved something, but after about 20-minutes it becomes a diminishing returns thing. “I just need to do the first thing on the list.” I tell myself. “Fuck prioritization.” I go back inside, review the protocol for the receptionists, send an email about card key use, check on construction progress of our new nursing room, deal with an IT issue. In need of a tangible result – I go to the basement and organize the supply room. I do that until the diminishing returns starts to set in again. I leave a bit of a mess, but a little bit more organized as well.

Later that afternoon, I have an 1.5 hour coffee with HR. Conversations I don’t really want to have, but there’s a lot going on and we need to get on the same page.The moment works slows down I slip off to the gym and do the laziest set of toe  touches and pull-ups. In between I stare at the bulging triceps of another gym guy, at the sides of a waspy guy in a slut cut shirt. I leave after almost 30-mins.

Around 7:30, I bike home, take a shower. Heat up leftover Chinese food, pour a vodka and work in Toon Boom. Trying to get a pendulum to swing back and forth with a blur in the middle. An hour and a half and two more vodkas later, I’ve made some progress but don't nail it. I put it away so I can try again later.

In bed by 10. I fall asleep watching Dynasty on Amazon Prime.