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The one thing I didn’t factor into my day was a nap, which was stupid because I am a habitual napper - especially being homebound since the accident. After 3 weeks of bed rest and becoming physically exhausted by something as banal as bathing or washing dishes - I essentially will sleep at the drop of a hat. And any attempt to go down for the night is thwarted by an uncomfortable leg, poking me awake like a needy child. However, I am making efforts to get back to a sense of normalcy, despite still being on crutches for another 3 weeks.

I woke up around 6:45 today and dragging myself around my apartment via desk chair, I go through my morning routine of bathroom, coffee, breakfast. My apartment is the cleanest its ever been - floors not included - since I made the all-day effort yesterday to move all the clutter that had begun forming before my surgery.

There’s nothing like a little routine to help kickstart my productivity so I sit down and start arranging my personal and work calendars 4-weeks out - a little habit I picked up when I was an executive assistant. This process, which takes over an hour, turns into sorting emails and writing down tasks. I then decide to lay out some project goals for the week - which, on paper looks totally unrealistic… but in a manageable way.

I make it about halfway through my day and then I fall asleep while reading the Dungeons and Dragon’s Player’s Handbook. I doze off and as usual, wake up and then go back to sleep again - this knocks a few minor plans off my list, but I rally in time to balance my checkbook (it’s really just a spreadsheet of finances). Another huge drawback of the last few weeks is one of my computers dying - I replaced it with a new laptop but, as usual with a new device, I keep encountering missing tools that take me a while to research and reload. This time it was Microsoft Office. By the time I’m done, it’s time for my to start ramping down for the evening.

Ultimately, I did all of my physical therapy exercises, I did some sketching for 12-Inch Roommate and tested my new machine and tablet by making the Dragon’s Lair image above. I will get back to my old schedule of posting a couple things a week on my Patreon feed.