Playlist 03 - "Land of A Thousand Words"

I'm at my coffee shop. There is dried semen on my right hand. My left hand smells like lavender. The women behind me talking about bikini waxes. I stand up to leave. My back and legs are stiff. I get back to my apartment and start to straighten up, Land of a Thousand Words by the Scissor Sisters comes up on shuffle. It takes me an hour to even begin to be productive.

I play "Undoes" on Word with friends. 39 points. I'm terrible at games. I never win any of them and it has always bothered me because I have always considered it a mark against my intelligence. I have put my laundry away and cleared away some of the clutter but I am procrastinating with doing my bills. Avoidance.

The bills get half done and I contemplate if I could do AirBnB. Can live away from my apartment? I swing by the grocery store and pick up a chicken. Does "E-O-I-I-Z-E" spelling anything? I watch Bojack Horseman and Cheers, season 3. It's so humid I just deal with it, try to put it out of my mind and I begin to draw an Abel Boddy strip. 2 hours in, I begin to doubt the work. My skills. My life. Right on schedule. 3 hours in I finish the clean up and the word bubbles. Now it just needs to be colored.

I take a break. Get a beer. Watch some more Cheers.